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There is so much to do and see for the whole family across our beautiful regions. Take to the high ropes, be an animal keeper for the day, or spoil yourselves with chocolatey treats. Or how about a pyjama party or a scenic train ride? Or some rock climbing or mountainboarding? Make the most of […]

As the sun mellows and leaves start their graceful descent, you can just feel Autumn making its grand entrance. In Victoria, from March to May, it’s nature’s own show, with crisp air, colours, and a gentle breeze nudging us to embrace the change. So, why not pack up the car, escape your everyday and go […]

From one-of-a-kind entertainment to quirky characters, here are 6 experiences exclusively unique to Geelong and The Bellarine. Geelong is a proud coastal city, boasting a charming landscape full of daring fixtures, spectacular features and unique experiences. Mythical creatures and cheese trains, Geelong unveils its distinct character with these one-of-a-kind attractions.

Where stunning coasts, nature and wildlife are on show all of the time, why not venture out and explore near or far. There are many walks or hikes on offer. Here are our favourite 8 to start with:

All the handy links for a smooth road trip to keep your near and dear safe.

Look after the places you love to visit, and always leave the land as you find it. Our beautiful landscapes bring a lot of joy to those lucky enough to live here or visit – make sure that continues to happen by never causing damage – intentional or accidental.

Taking a road-trip shortly? Fantastic choice! While you’re out exploring the towns, beaches, rivers, parks, and waterways, let’s make sure safety is a top priority. Enjoy what each region has to offer, but look out for yourself and your mates – here are some tips to keep in mind:

While you’re out exploring these places rich with nature, cool foodie spots, and quirky boutiques and breweries, just remember: let’s keep the road as fun as the destination.

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